Friday, August 14, 2015

Are You Happy?

Have you ever experienced wanting something so bad that you are willing to sacrifice anything just to get it, but you just can’t seem to achieve it?

Have you ever experienced failing at something that you feel so sad and empty because you wanted so much to succeed at it?

Have you ever fallen in love but have been so hurt by that person you love that you feel so broken?


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Have you often wondered why a lot of successful people still feel incomplete despite everything they have in life?

Why does it seem like the rich and famous still find it hard to find true happiness?

If you look at it from a general point of view, even successful people are not saved from the bounds of depression.

Why do you think many Hollywood stars succumb to drug or substance addiction? It’s because they are battling inner demons that are eating them from deep inside.

Why do many people, including the rich and famous commit suicide? It’s because they have this certain emptiness inside that no amount of money or fame could ever suffice for.

You’ll be surprised at the list of people with major depressive disorder that I have read from Wikipedia. A lot of famous celebrities and personalities, whom you never would have thought could be depressed, have made it to the list.

Even Oprah Winfrey has experienced a major depression one time in her life.

Many of us long for something in our lives and sometimes we get down and desperate when we don’t get them. Some long for money, some for fame, some for power, and some for true love.

Whatever it is that’s missing in our lives, we don’t stop acting until we get it.

That is where depression sets in. When you try so hard to reach for that missing part of your life but you just can’t get it, the feelings of being incomplete and empty begin to conquer your whole being.


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I may not really know how a person with depression really feels inside and I may not also know if I am indeed suffering from a depressive disorder, but there are just those moments when I feel so empty inside.

I feel as if there’s something missing in my life but I just could not figure out what that missing piece really is.

Sometimes when I’m alone with myself, I just couldn’t help but feel the emptiness in my heart. I feel a certain pain and loneliness inside me that I just could not explain.

This could be depression, but again, this could be just another one of my changes in mood. Whatever it is, I certainly am not the happiest person on earth.


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If you come to think of it, is there ever someone who has lived truly and genuinely happy? I guess, as humans, we all battle our inner struggles in life.

I have never known anyone who has ever said that he/she has no problem in life.

Everyone has his/her own battle to win. We were just given different scenarios and different intensities of trials and struggles, but we all eventually experience these kinds of things.

I must admit, my life is not perfect and I am not a perfect person as well. No one is ever perfect, but the least we can do is to lift each other up in times when one is down in the darkness of life.


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I have seen a lot of people commit suicide because they felt their life had no more meaning, and them being here on earth does not make sense at all.

Robin Williams’ suicidal death came as a shock to me when I heard it on the news. He seemed to be so full of happiness and positivity, what I and many others failed to see is that he was also just a human being who also felt lonely and empty at times.

Robin Williams’ movies have always inspired me and made me laugh my brains out. I specially loved “Patch Adams,” which has touched my heart in a very unique way.

It’s really sad that a very inspiring person such as Robin Williams had to die that way. He was alone with his inner struggles until he could no longer bear them.

I had a relative who also committed suicide because of all the different factors of life that seemed to have weakened his weary spirit. He belonged to a famous and wealthy family but sadly, he was exposed to drugs early on in his life. He had been using and abusing drugs during the majority of his lifetime.

When his mother died, he no longer found meaning out of his life so he hanged himself to death, just two months after his mother died. He had a really sad ending because he too was alone and lonely. Nobody was there to comfort him during his moment of grief because he was an addict.

So he continued to seek the comfort of drugs and alcohol. These were the only things that gave him company during the last days of his life. He died with no one beside him but the substances he abused.

News of his death shocked and saddened me and my family, especially when we learned how he died. Had we known that he badly needed help, we could have at least welcomed him into our home.


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Stories of people taking their lives because of depression or many other factors makes me want to question why these kinds of things have to happen. Why do people have to take their lives when life has so many things to offer?

Every time I ponder upon things like these, the answer that comes to me is always the same; people get lonely and empty, and the only thing they need sometimes is someone to let them know that they’re not at all alone in this world.

Sometimes a little bit of time is what other people need to make them feel that they matter.

Just a simple gesture of care and presence from someone makes a lonely person realize that there is someone who is willing to spend time with them and listen to what they have to say.

Forget the material things, because they will never matter at all to someone who finds no meaning for his/her life. No matter how many piles of gold or how many bags of money you offer to someone who is depressed, they will all just turn into useless things.


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Money, fame and fortune are worthless if your heart is empty. Life will always be meaningless if these are the only things that keep you company.

There will come a time when all you will ever need is a helping hand, an open ear, and a shoulder to lean on.

Time will come when your happiness will no longer rely on the material things, but on the things that will make you whole inside.

So if you feel like your life is incomplete right now because you’re not rich or you don’t have money, take a look around you and open your eyes to the things that you have in your life. What do you have in your hands right now?


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If you have a loving family that sticks with you through thick and thin, then you are one of the luckiest persons on earth. Many rich people would give anything to experience a love as genuine as what a loving family can give.

If you have a loyal friend who lends his/her time to spend with you during times when you feel like speaking your heart out, you’re blessed because most of the rich and famous can’t even determine who their real friends are, out of all the people who surround them and claim to be their friends.

We have a lot of things to be thankful for in our lives. We just have to learn how and where to look, because they’re just there, waiting for you to notice them and give them a bit of your time.

If you feel down and lonely right now, try opening your heart together with your eyes. They will show you just where you should exactly look and where you should exactly be.

I wish you the fullness of heart and completeness that you have been looking for.