Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Plea


I was motivated to write this poem when I heard about a young girl at the age of 15 who committed suicide in her own room, leaving her 3 siblings and her grieving parents behind.

She was believed to be in a depressive state when she decided to take her life. No one ever guessed that she was feeling that way because she seemed to have been happy from the outside.

She was a very artistic person, posting her paintings on her social media page and receiving various praises for her works of art.

This is an eye opener for everyone not to take depression lightly as only a form of mood swing or a feeling of temporary sadness.

Depression is real and should not be taken for granted. It can take away the life of even a seemingly happy and innocent person.

Hearing the news about this young and promising woman could only make one feel sorry for having to lose such a gifted person.

I hope you like this poem, which somehow depicts what goes on inside the deepest thoughts of a person with depression.


A dark and stormy night engulfs

My mind, my mood, my emotions

As the violent wind rushes

So does my sad and weary heart.

The fierceness of the dropping rain

Weakens my wounded spirit more

The night deepens, so does the pain

I feel it piercing through my heart.

The sound of the angry storm

Reminds me of my lonely life

The wrath, the anguish it brings

Pushes me further down the line.

I am crying, weeping out loud

But the sound outside is louder

Is there even a glimmer of hope?

For someone as broken as me?

If you have only tried to look

If you have only listened

To my voice, my begging voice

Maybe I would not be here.

Here in this dark and lonely room

Alone with my thoughts, emotions

I wouldn’t have gone with the storm

I wouldn’t have left with the wind.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

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