Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The ONE Thing That Can Really Make YOU HAPPY

I have been pondering about this question for a very long time now. It comes and it goes out of my mind but it has always been there.


What is one thing that could make a person truly, genuinely, really HAPPY? It's definitely not the MONEY! Well, yes it can make you happy... but only on for awhile.

How about FAME? It could possibly make you HAPPY, but it fades in time.

Let's see. Oh, POWER maybe? Hmmm... I suppose... But it could be taken away from you.

So what is it? What is the one thing that could make a person HAPPY? What could make YOU Happy?

Let me share a realization I have just made out of a seemingly ordinary day and situation in my life...


I just attended a parent-teacher meeting at my son’s school the other day. My son is a transferee since we have just moved back to our old house this month.

Before the meeting, some parents were gathered outside the classrooms while waiting for it to convene. I saw a familiar face and realized she was an old colleague of mine.

It turns out that her son is the boy my son talks about as his new best friend. He has been constantly talking about him, telling me that he even sometimes shares his snacks to the boy.

Her name is Ann, and like me she’s now a full time mother who stays home most of the time taking care of her children and the house.

During our younger years, we used to see each other in job fairs and interviews because we had the same profession; we are both nurses.

We were both very active and aggressive when it came to our careers before; that we used to only talk about work, work and more work.

Now as we saw each other again after several years, things have changed a lot. We were no longer the busy single ladies who used to think of only ourselves and how we could excel more in our chosen careers.

We now talked about parenthood, motherhood and the changes we had undergone. We talked about all the trials and challenges of being a mother and a wife.

What struck me the most was when she opened up her feeling of being incompetent at times. She told me that there’s a certain negative feeling that being a stay-at-home mom brings.

She felt her confidence and trust in herself go down.

I was taken aback because I also felt the same way about myself. I thought I was the only one feeling that way. Learning that there’s also someone feeling the same way as I do made me realize that I wasn’t alone with my emotions.


I do feel that way. I sometimes feel like I am left behind by all of my past colleagues and acquaintances. I look at their posts on Facebook and I see them far away ahead of me.

That’s why I barely open my Facebook account anymore. I feel more depressed whenever I see my friends in a much better place than me.

This is not to say that I envy them, but then again, maybe I do. I envy the life that they are living right now. As I see them flourish with their chosen paths in life, I’m stuck here at home, with only a broom and dirty clothing on my hand.

Sometimes I think about my life and I would think, is this really the life I want?


Then I look at my son busily playing with his toys, trying to discover things that his mind is eager to learn.

And then I am reminded that I have such a wonderful gift here patiently learning his way through life with me on his side.

Tears begin to fill my eyes as I look at him, a life that came out of me who has been growing gently with my nurture and care.

Sometimes I get mad at his silly ways but he’s just an innocent child who only wants to learn about life and things.

He is my greatest accomplishment in life.

I could never ask for another life without him because he has been my greatest gift. Being a mother to such a wonderful child is already a blessing in itself.


I realized that success doesn’t only mean having the power, money and popularity. It doesn’t only mean being able to travel the world and see everything. It doesn’t mean being able to buy all the things and luxury you want.

Success comes in different ways, in different interpretations.

I may not have succeeded in terms of career or work but I have definitely succeeded in feeling whole as a mother.


I still have a long way to go ahead in rearing my child but now I feel the contentment I should have felt long ago.

I may not be rich, I may not be the wisest and I may not be popular and powerful but I am full of love and happiness.

My son, my husband, my mother and father are my happiness.

They are the people who complete my world. There’s nothing more I could ask for but a complete and healthy family.


I have a friend named Angel who is now living with her family in a different country. Both she and her husband are now successful with their work.

I see them travel to places and eat in expensive restaurants. They post it on Facebook just like any other modern family.

The thing is, she’s now sick with a kidney disease. She has to take steroids all her life and her doctors said she can no longer have another baby.

I was saddened learning about her condition.

She asked me if I didn’t have any plans of pursuing my career anymore. I told her I no longer have the desire and I would rather take care of my family while being self-employed.

She told me she’s happy for me and it’s a good thing I am already happy and contented with my life. She said it hasn’t been too good for her. Life in another country wasn’t that easy after for her after all.

My friend told me that if I’m happy and contented with the way I live right now, then it’s the most important thing than anything else.


I have learned that contentment and happiness go hand-in-hand. No person can ever be happy if he/she has never achieved contentment.

Many successful people don’t have that. That is why they don’t seem to achieve true happiness.

They may seem happy on the outside because of all the glitz and glamour of success in their careers but there’s an empty feeling inside them that doesn’t seem to fill up.

It’s where contentment comes in. Even the richest and most powerful man on earth can only be truly happy when he comes into terms with himself and find contentment.


I thank God for bringing people into my life who make me realize things when I need to be reminded. I believe my chance encounter with my friend Ann during that school meeting was a chance for me to think about my feelings.

Now I’m seeing the light of day once again.

When my son comes home today from school, I would hug him tight and thank him for coming into my life.


Happiness is indeed something that anyone deserves to experience. No matter what state in life you are in right now, you truly deserve to be happy.

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