Monday, June 22, 2015

One Ordinary Day

It’s one more ordinary day

I am here thinking of my life

How things did not go as I wanted

How my heart learned to love and hurt.

I have met people I’ve cared so much for

Some of them stayed, some went away

I have laughed out loud and proud

But I have also cried out loud and hard.

I might have fallen out of love

I might have hurt a lot before

But somehow I know in my life

Someday these things will be over.

I wonder what’s left for me to come

Will I still have tomorrow?

Or is it over now for me?

Now I wonder what will follow.

There are some days life blows me off

There are things I could not understand

I hope my luck will come by soon

So I know where I should be going.

Now as another day is ending

I hope come tomorrow

I would be able to face the day

The way I used to, strong with hope.

Image courtesy of Pixabay