Saturday, June 27, 2015

I Am Here

What must I do when I am down?

Am I to blame for what I feel?

I cannot shout, I cannot speak

How do I deal with this sadness?

I am alone with all my struggles

I feel like I’m in a dark place

A place where even myself, I can’t find

There seems to be no hint of light.

A tiny spark is all I need

To help me get through another day

I need some light to guide my way

I need something to hold on to

I am sad, alone, lowly, lonely

No one from out there seems to hear me

Is there someone who could save me?

I need to know, is somebody there?

I break down and weep with tears of sorrow

I kneel, with my face covered in tears

Then suddenly, a light shines down on me

It is bright, calming, comforting

I feel strange, lighter, peaceful

I feel a warm, serene embrace

I look and see my Father’s eyes

Tame, pure, a mirror of hope and love.

He holds my hand, helps me stand up

He is the light showing me out of the dark

His light shines brightly amidst it all

He tells me not to fear, hesitate

I put my trust and faith in Him

He gently whispers His words,

“My child, I was with you in the dark

Into the light I will lead you now...

When you felt so alone and lonely

I was there beside you silently

When you cried with pain and anguish

My heart was bleeding, my tears were thorns

When you were covered in darkness

I was there lighting your heart and soul

I have been with you and will always be

Even in the lightest of day.

Go on now, do not be afraid

I will see you through, all your life

I will be there when you fall down

Throughout the end, I will be with you.

When time will come that you should tire

When your body releases your tired, weary soul

Fear not, for I will be there

To welcome you into My Kingdom.”

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Image courtesy of Pixabay