Saturday, July 4, 2015

A Comforting Love

All my life I have been hoping

For all my worries to subside

For all my fears to go away

Until one day, all hope was gone

Someone took it away from me

His name is Despair, Hopelessness

Everything that I have longed for

Everything that I have dreamt of...

Despair took everything away

I was left with nothing to see

Nothing to hold on to

All I saw was doom, hopelessness.

There was no way out, I felt helpless

I wanted to burst, to shout

All I could do was cry in utter pain

I had nowhere else to go.

Then, suddenly something appeared

I saw a miracle of light

A vision of hope came to me

My wounded soul found comfort, ease.

A voice inside was telling me

That everything would be alright

He’s telling me he heard my cries

From up above, He saw me weep.

He felt my heart aching in vain

His heart bled, feeling everything

He had to come and console me

He could not bear to see me suffer.


He has always been around

His name is known by everyone

Although at times I do forget

To call on Him, look up and ask.

I was happy, did not know Him

I had friends, never needed Him

But when I fell, He came to me

When no one else was there to see.

His love for me has never changed

He cares for me with no condition

Now I see how lucky I am

For being loved so much, so deep.

I thank you Lord for loving me

Giving me life, letting me live

My all I give unto you now

I give my heart, my life, my soul.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

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